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January 20, 2020  

Is It Time to Stop Complaining?

We get it. The job search can be a nightmare. But are you doing more harm than good when you vent your frustrations online? On today's episode (the Season 1 Finale!), we chat with job search strategist Kamara Toffolo in what we're calling a "Recruiting Clapback".

January 12, 2020  

Why Does Healthcare Cost So Much?

If you've ever faced a lay off or even simply changed jobs, you know just how expensive health insurance can be when your employer isn't covering at least some of the bill. But how did it get so expensive? And why does this price keep going up? On this week's episode, we chat with Dan Weissmann (host of the popular "An Arm and a Leg" podcast) about how we got to the system we all use today. 

December 22, 2019  

BONUS: Early Christmas Gift…a Job!

Rumor has it that the job search gets a lot harder in November and December. Generally, the thought is that companies start winding down for the holidays and planning for Q1 instead. But is it actually an opportunity to stand out and seize multiple offers while other candidates are going into hibernation mode? On today's episode, we reveal the results of our job search experience!

December 15, 2019  

Full Employment, Empty Wallets

“Everyone who wants a job has one!” It's a phrase you've probably heard at least one relative say during this period of low unemployment. If only the economy were that simple. On today’s episode we chat with Patricia Cohen, who covers the economy for The New York Times. She explains why many feel left out of the current “boom.”

December 8, 2019  

How to Answer the Compensation Question

How much are you looking to make? It’s a question that can be frustrating for a lot of job seekers. On today’s episode, Sam Feldman of Gray Scalable helps demystify this complicated and important part of the job search.

December 1, 2019  

How Jobs Changed On Us

Do you ever feel like jobs aren't what they used to be? Chances are, they aren't. The pace at which modern companies move is so much faster than it used to be. And that's changed how companies and employees view work. On today's episode, we chat with Jessi Hempel of LinkedIn's podcast Hello Monday about how work has changed and how those changes have changed us.

November 24, 2019  

BONUS: Top 3 Horror Stories from the Job Search

BONUS: On this week's bonus episode, we’ve put together three of our favorite job search horror stories from our friends and coworkers to share with you. It’s not a rant! Rather, it’s an opportunity to commiserate and talk about the right way to handle similar situations you might come across.

November 17, 2019  

The Art of Freelancing

Have you ever dreamed of ditching the job search, packing up a laptop, flying half-way around the world, and doing work on a beach chair by the pool instead? On today's episode, professional freelancer and editorial consultant Kiera Carter explains why it's probably a lot more work than you'd think. PLUS, we read our first viewer-submitted 'Horror Story' from the job search grind.

November 10, 2019  

Are Resumes Dead?

One of the hardest things to do in any job search is to simply get noticed. Because now, you have to get past the computers running the “application blackhole” before you ever talk to a human. On this week's episode, Crash CEO and Praxis founder Isaac Morehouse explains why it's time to give up that game altogether and take a fresh approach to your job search.

November 3, 2019  

How to Add Zen to Your Stressful Work Life

With all the advances in tech, it’s never been easier to work. That can take a toll on the emotional health of our workforce and ultimately make us less productive. On today's episode, we chat with Recalibrate Founder Gloria Chan about how a number of big companies are trying to fix that by bringing mindfulness into the workplace.

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